ELEXIS – European Lexicographic Infrastructure will integrate, extend and harmonise national and regional  efforts in the field of lexicography, both modern and historical, with the goal of creating a sustainable infrastructure which will enable efficient access to high quality lexical data in the digital age, and bridge the gap between more advanced and lesser-resourced scholarly communities working on lexicographic resources.

Current lexicographic resources, both modern and historical, have different levels of structuring and are not equally suitable for application in other fields, e.g. Natural Language Processing. The project will develop strategies, tools and standards for extracting, structuring and linking lexicographic resources to unlock their full potential for Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web, as well as in the context of digital humanities.


Research and networking activities in ELEXIS will result in a platform which will consist of several sets of tools and services, as well as new data, in three distinct parts of the platform, or infrastructures.